choreographer, scenographer, visual art ECHOINTHEDREAM dance Cie

music composer


LION 2019
20th June Espace Senghor Brussels 8pm
22th June Espace Senghor Brussels 3pm

Chorégraphe, scénographe : Kyung-a
Interprètes : Marie-Laure Logot, Martina Martinez Barjacoba, Tomas Danielis + a dancer form the Korean Traditional Performing Arts Troupe The GWANGDAE
Musique : Slavek Kwi

Production : NOODIK productions
Coproduction Charleroi danse, Le Senghor, Centre Culturel Coréen à Bruxelles
Soutien : La Maison de la création – Centre Culturel de Bruxelles Nord, La Vénerie, 
Pierre de Lune, SABAM
+ Wallonie-Bruxelles International, Arts Council Korea

NEW SUB ROSA en NOODIK productions CD

Next CD 2020

composition for electronic sounds

on the way 2024 CD : Baudouin de Jaer SANJOS and Komungo Studies VOL III

NEXT CONCERTS Baudouin de Jaer compositions

5>9/ 11/ 2019
Ce qui vit en nous
Chamber Opéra on an libretto of Stephane ARCAS
Ensemble BESIDES
Martijn Dendievel conductor
Théâtre de la Balsamine BXL


Baudouin de Jaer WOLFLI music decrypting the way for a 100 news score décrypting with Collection Art Brut de Lausanne


beginners and no beginners musicians playing, creating together
conducting by Baudouin de Jaer

info :

Next One day Orchestra

1-2th June SAINTES (FR)
16th June BRUSSELS / PIERRE DE LUNE / Le Botanique (BE)
2019-2020 : 5 one day orchestra for the CAVEMA ( Namur / BE)
Opening of the new CREAHM Liège (BE)

NOODIK productions promotes contemporary arts, most for music and dance forms, founded by the musician Baudouin de Jaer and by the multidisciplinary artist scenographer, choreographer, music editing and visual art artist Kyung-a Ryu. They create several international creations and pedagogic activities – - The tree last Kyung-a dance’s performs were MISS how to touch the sky, BOARD ON ON BOARD and CRISS CROSS. She is also working for her dance’s movies, ONLY IMAGE and DOUBLE DIRECTION. For the NOODIK music activities, Ivresse de Lune with the Belgium Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles, LION DANCE with the Korean National Orchestra, L’Harfang des Neiges for the Mulhouse Symphonic Orchestra, LA FORET - LE DESERT - L’ARGENT, chamber opera, direction Martijn Dendievel, texts Stéphane Arcas, music Baudouin de Jaer. The Label SUB ROSA released several CD with the Baudouin de Jaer compositions, 10 CROCUS for solo piano with Fabian Fiorini, Geomungo and Gayageum solo compositions, The Heavenly Ladder with the Adolf Wölfli music composition decrypted by Baudouin de Jaer. NOODIK productions collaborates for some expositions, gives workshops and lectures, books projects like The Real Book Belgium coproduced with The Belgium Fédération des Jeunesses Musicales and Les Lundis d’Hortense, ECHOINTHEDREAM 10 years between dance and visual art, Baudouin de Jaer 100 compositions, the récit-fiction La Glacière. NOODIK productions association is a new step after the Back To Normal, The Cirque des Sons and the Maison de la création Belgium associations that Baudouin de Jaer initiated and coproduced ; in this way NOODIK productions and Baudouin de Jaer conducts the Music international One Day Orchestra open to everyone with and without artistic knowledge with new and different one day musicians from each cities.

Support by:
soutien ponctuel structurel et soutiens ponctuels par projets de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles service de la Culture, Charleroi Danses, Le Senghor, Collectif du Lion, La Collection d'Art Brut et la HEMU de Lausanne, Théâtre de la Balsamine, Centre Culturel Wolubilis, Arts et Marges, Maison de la création, Sub Rosa, Noodik Productions, SABAM, Art Consil of Korea, Korean Embassy in Brussels, Centre Culturel coréen à Bruxelles, Résonance Contemporaine de Bourg-en-Bresse, Orchestre Symphonique de Mulhouse, ARS MUSICA, Forum des compositeurs de la FWB.